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Build a magic hat filter for Instagram & Facebook
Your Journey
  • Installing Spark AR
  • Adding our first 3D object
  • Adding a Face Mesh
  • Testing & Sharing
  • Introduction to the Patch Editor
  • Adding Interactions & Basic Animations
  • Adding 2D Elements
  • Advanced Patches
  • Final Touches
  • Uploading to Instagram & Facebook
Course Description
Ever wanted to create your very own custom face filters for Instagram or Facebook?
This video guide will walk you through every step to create your very own interactive, animated 3D face filter, that when finished, you can upload and share with your friends and family!
Throughout this short, 90 minute course, you'll learn everything you need to create your very own custom face filters, including:
Get familiar with Spark AR Studio, the tool we'll be using to create our face filters
Add 3D and 2D elements that are anchored to your face
Learn to add events and triggers to your filters (like buttons and touch events!)
Bring life to your filter by adding simple animations in response to a user's interaction
Submit it for distribution on Instagram and Facebook for anybody to use!
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